How to handle stress as a business owner with Justin Rothlingshoefer

In this conversation, Graham Cochrane interviews Justin Roethlingshoefer about the importance of health for entrepreneurs. Justin shares his early interest in health and how it led him to start his company, Own It. They discuss the meaning of 'Own Your Different' and how it applies to client services. Justin also shares his journey of resisting conformity and stepping into a bigger world. They explore the mind-body connection and the importance of taking a holistic approach to health. Finally, they discuss practical steps that entrepreneurs can take to handle stress and improve their overall health. In this conversation, Justin Roethlingshoefer shares insights on health and productivity. He emphasizes the importance of hydration and movement, recommending drinking half your body weight in ounces of water and engaging in deliberate exercise daily. Justin also discusses the significance of intentional preparation, highlighting the need to build baseline habits and identify controllables. He emphasizes the value of taking time for oneself and engaging in activities that bring joy and rejuvenation. Additionally, Justin explores the productivity benefits of self-care, including meditation and breathwork. The conversation concludes with Justin sharing his golden rule: prepare yourself for what's already prepared for you. Takeaways - Health is crucial for entrepreneurs to create a life they want to live and be able to serve others effectively. - Resisting conformity and embracing a bigger world can lead to personal and professional growth. - Taking a holistic approach to health, considering the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects, is essential for overall well-being. - Practical steps such as prioritizing sleep, nutrition, self-care, and mindset can help entrepreneurs manage stress and improve their health. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily for proper hydration. - Engage in deliberate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. - Build baseline habits and identify controllables to maintain productivity. - Take time for yourself and engage in activities that bring joy and rejuvenation. - Invest in self-care practices like meditation and breathwork for increased productivity. - Prepare yourself for what's already prepared for you. Pre-order Justin's new book "The Power of Ownership"